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Connor Investment Group

Property Investment Company

At Connor Investment Group, our mission is simple - to help like-minded property investors and already established landlords reach their goals faster, by providing quality, discounted deals and support in key areas of the UK. We are Property Investment experts so we can help you find the best possible investment based on your budget and financial expectations. We offer a complete service from finding the right property deal for you, negotiating the price, helping with finance and organising conveyancing.
If you are looking to find your perfect investment, YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR FANTASTIC UK PROPERTY DEALS.

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Have you seen a deal you like?

What happens if you see a below-market value deal that you like? Your first port of call is to contact us or by clicking on the link on the property listing email we sent you.

Tell us which property you’re interested in and how you intend to purchase the property – cash, mortgage, or bridging loan and your expected turnaround time. The more information we have, the better we can help you and if you need any professional assistance, we can put you in touch with someone. Remember 1000s of people see our property listings and like you, they’re looking for the best below-market value deals. These deals don’t hang around for long, so don’t delay!

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Wondering why you should invest?

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Below-Market value properties

It’s not easy finding below-market value property, particularly in other areas of the country... Connor Investment Group is built to help make the process just a little bit easier by sending you the best deals that come into our office from around the UK.

Why Connor Investment Company?

We are a trusted and established business who provide excellent deals to property investors like yourself. We offer a complete service ranging from sourcing property deals, negotiating price, helping with sourcing finance, organising conveyancing. We are proud of the service we offer and our customers seem to agree as a large portion of our business comes from our clients referring us to others. We are property investment experts so we can guide and help you find the best possible investment based on your budget and financial expectations. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and we work hard to ensure we exceed our clients expectations at all level.

Why Invest in UK Property?

With a strong rental market in the UK, buy-to-let houses are in high demand. Coupled with strong property ownership rights and excellent planning regulations, renovations and refurbishments are easy to undertake once you’ve secured a below-market value property.

Get in Touch

You can contact us with your queries by telephone or via email. We will answer your enquiry promptly.

0161 941 7789

Office hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:30

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